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DAWANAU MARKET, KANO STATE Maize – N400,000/MT Sorghum – N380,000/MT Sesame – N1,650,000/MT Hibiscus – N1,250,000/MT Soya Beans – N450,000/MT Iron Beans – N495,000/MT Groundnut – N750,000/MT Ginger – N2,000,000/MT Last Price Updated – 24th November 2023 as at 4:00pm.

Committed toward Climate Action from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation by adopting principles of climate-smart-agriculture and through producing eco-friendly products that can be reused, recycle and reduce impact towards climate crises of our planet. Reduce the use of high carbon equipment, and adopt the use of Green Transport, Machineries and of course changing our equipment source of energy.

Doing the job straight out of the box with quality is key at Silvex. Our most important watchword is quality, we invest heavily on quality assurance of our products and service to ensure steady compliance.

Silvex International Limited is a wholly indigenous and rapidly growing integrated Agribusiness and Logistics company with diverse interest in Commodity Aggregation, Processing and Trading. Incorporated in year 2014 under the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Company came into being through innovative ideas to be promising, dynamic and prime example of African potentials in Agribusiness, Commodity Trading and Logistics.

Putting ethical principles and trust at the fore front of all our activities which is aimed towards building strong relationship with our Employees, Clients, Customers and Partners.


Compliance at Silvex International Limited is engraved in all our Structures, Plans. Policies & Procedures are put in practice in a timely manner.


At Silvex, Respect, Honesty & Trust, Loyalty, Excellence, Quality, Innovation and Commitment underpin our entire business philosophy.


Impacting the society by providing quality & healthy agricultural produce, job creation with the aim of brining sustainable economic development.


Our Approach is to protect the environment with good Agricultural Practices, Growth, Innovation and Expansion base on our hallmark of quality.

Putting Environment, Society and Economy as the three Pillars of Sustainability into consideration, Silvex International continues to offer Products, Services and brings Development that meets the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 


Operating In:
27 Locations

2000 +

Farmers Engaged

5000 +

Farmers Trained

Jobs Created:


2500 +

Farmers Benefited

5 +

Farm Products

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Silvex Green Impact

With Agricultural sector in Nigeria taking a brand-new shape and direction, Silvex International Limited had the first private sector led rice paddy Out-Grower Project on a 900 Hectares Farm Land.


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Silvex Green Update


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