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DAWANAU MARKET, KANO STATE Maize – N400,000/MT Sorghum – N380,000/MT Sesame – N1,650,000/MT Hibiscus – N1,250,000/MT Soya Beans – N450,000/MT Iron Beans – N495,000/MT Groundnut – N750,000/MT Ginger – N2,000,000/MT Last Price Updated – 24th November 2023 as at 4:00pm.


Silvex Chief Agronomist:



Silvex Chief Agronomist: 


Dr. Abdulwahab S. Shaibu

Chief Agronomist

Silvex Chief Agronomist

Dr. Abdulwahab is a plant breeder, biostatistician, Agricultural Researcher, Academic and Consultant with over 10 years' experience in the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, Tanzania and China. He is a creative and enthusiastic Molecular Plant Breeder and Agronomist with experiences in the Agricultural Industry. He has experience in designing and carrying out field (on-farm and on-station) and laboratory experiments with respect to Crops, Soil and Water relations. He also has experience in instrumentation analysis (LCMS, UPLC, HPLC, GC, NIR); Seed enterprises; Farmer Trainings; Agricultural Value-Chain analysis; and creation of farmer groups and cluster. He is also experienced in starting up and managing Agribusinesses.

Dr. Abdulwahab has vast experience in writing scientific articles and Technical reports. Dr. Abdulwahab possess excellent analytical and communications skills and dedicated approach to working in a highly controlled and field working environment.

Dr. Abdulwahab is also experienced in developing agronomic strategies for enhanced food production; development and strengthening of agricultural value chains; development and management of both small- and large-scale Agribusiness, and provision of Agricultural market linkages. His experience in the Agricultural sector cuts across plant breeding, seed production, molecular analysis, crop production, agricultural inputs market and business, Irrigation agronomy, horticulture, soil and water management, Agricultural Economics and extension, Environmental impact analysis, modeling of soil- plant-water-environment system, Agro-Meteorology and Agricultural Biotechnology.